Symbol Paintings From the Maze Mural - Burning Man 2001

After creating artwork for a 25' x 25' maze at Burning Man in 2000, I received a grant to create artwork for a 75' x 75' maze for Black Rock City in 2001. The theme that year was the Seven Ages of Life and was presented as a board game. To mirror this theme, I created an 8' x 300' mural for the exterior of the maze that progressed through the phases of life as a board game. The paintings you are seeing have been cut from the original mural and mounted on board.

I have been working with symbols for around 30 years. They present themselves to me in dreams, meditations and other states of consciousness. The earliest symbol I used in the mural was from around 1978. In working with a symbol I am interested in exploring the energy it contains and how it evolves. This symbolic progression is also explored in my sculpture.

In addition to the mural, I created installations for the maze and curated the work of approximately 17 other artists.

For a complete view of the art work in the maze, click here.