Why a Tornado?

The tornado contains many of the themes that weave through my work. If you look at the form of the tornado it has an inner and outer component and a circular as well as a strong vertical axis (feminine and masculine). It contains a great deal of power and exists only briefly uniting the heavens and the earth.

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Having been a professional dancer throughout the eighties and being influence by various spiritual traditions, my work reflects on the relationship between:
the internal and external
energy and matter
spirit and body
content and container
emptiness and form

While the work I am presenting is sculptural, I have performed a series of actions that have included tracking physical phenomena through charcoal drawing, walking meditations documented with photos (external) and journal (internal) and compiled into a CD-ROM and performances exploring the issues related above. My work is an ongoing dialogue about these issues of embodiment and how an object is invested with meaning and power. Whether the work takes the form of a sculpture, action or image, these themes of the internal and external and the relationship between the two are explored in the process of creation and in the object that is created.